The Yoga of Buddha Heruka

Fridays 8.00 am |  Oct 28 – Dec 16 | Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

with Resident Teacher Kelsang Jangchub

An opportunity to receive commentary and be guided through the Highest Yoga Tantra Practice of the Yoga of Buddha Heruka as presented in the text Modern Buddhism. This practice is for those who have received the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment of Heruka and Vajrayogini or who have a sincere wish to receive these empowerments in the near future.

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The Teacher

Kelsang Jangchub is a Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher of Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre. He has studied and practised Kadampa Buddhism for many years and is known for his good heart and dedication; he teaches in an accessible way making Modern Kadampa Buddhism applicable to all.